Our History

Wildlife Safari began as the vision and dream of one man – Frank Hart. It was his goal to create a facility in the Pacific Northwest that would help save rare and endangered species from around the world. Over 38 years later, Wildlife Safari has grown into an AZA-accredited non-profit wildlife park dedicated to education, conservation and research.

Our Start

Wildlife Safari opened in 1972 and is the only drive-through wild animal park in Oregon. Nestled in a large wooded valley, the park features over 550 animals from around the world. Visitors can view over 76 species from their cars including tigers, giraffes, zebras, lions, elephants, bison, elk and bears.

Our Mission & Purpose

To enhance entertainment, education, and cultural experiences with a commitment to conservation, preservation, and research of native and exotic wildlife.

Wildlife Safari is dedicated to conservation, education and research of native and exotic wildlife. It is our commitment to educate the public about the status of animals around the world.
AZA Accredited

Wildlife Safari received accreditation by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) in the spring of 1986. It signifies that Wildlife Safari has established and maintains professional zoological management standards as judged by other professional members of the Association. We are proud to join the more than 220 other parks and aquariums in passing the stringent inspections to become accredited institutions.

Wildlife Safari is home to a world-renown cheetah breeding program, one of only two AZA Accredited facilities with hands-on elephant experiences in the country, up-close and personal animal encounters and over 600 animals to see in our Drive-Thru and Village.

Our Blog

The Wildlife Safari blog is brought to you by our keepers. Posts are written by those that care for our animals and have daily experiences with them to share with you. It’s the real deal; real experiences by real people who devote their lives to conservation and keeping our animals safe, happy and healthy.


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    1. We’re glad you are interested! If you visit our website at wildlifesafari.net you can check out volunteer opportunities for all age groups, or see which conservation projects we support internationally. You can also choose to donate through our website or at the park if you come visit!



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