It’s a Winter Wonderland

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This winter season we had some fun events going on like Zoo Lights and Photos With Santa with a guest appearance from one of our cheetah ambassadors, Khayam and Mchumba!



Guests had lots of fun walking through our spectacular holiday light show throughout our village, all synched to the playing music.  They also got to enjoy a show in the theater put on by the Village staff and hear a bit about cheetahs with Khayam and Mchumba with our Cheetah/Carnivore staff!




Eager Little Faces

Behind the Scenes

Many of the animals at Wildlife Safari get trained every single day, and are usually waiting excitedly for whatever treats their training session will bring. Those that don’t often still get a midday snack – and they sure know when it’s snack time!

So when keepers come past, we often see some eager little faces peering at us hoping for some treats. Here are some of the faces we see everyday!


One of our 6 lion cubs waiting not so patiently for training to begin

One of our 6 lion cubs waiting not so patiently for training to begin

Tiger eyes

One of the Sumatran tiger girls checking if her keeper has treats.

Goat nose

Ginger the goat sniffs around hoping for some yummy petting zoo pellets!


Bandit the American Badger is hard to say no to with that face!



Wildlife Safari got into the spooky spirit this season with Zoobilee! Halloween Safari-style featured an animal show, face painting, crafts, delicious treats, and a haunted hay ride.

Zoobilee Lights

The Haunted Hay ride was a great hit for all ages, as guests took a ride around our cheetah drive-through section, past lit scenes of animal holiday preparation, following the story of a witch who has lost her cat. Complete with zombies in search of pumpkin guts, the ride was a great family event, and a great chance for our STEP Crew (a volunteer program for people with disabilities) to be involved with the event as our volunteer zombies!

Zoobillee costumes